Thursday, October 4, 2012


We are about a month away from Election Day. And what a sad event it will be.
Ron Paul was not nominated by the GOP, and they are regretting their candidate
more and more. Romney cannot open his mouth without putting in foot. Last night he
did not do so badly against Obama, but O has his weak points, such as the economy, OK,
not really his fault, except for the fact that he, the good Democrat, once again drove the
getaway car as the GOP robbed the American banks.
But that's another story. We've, uh, 'moved on.' To a park bench because that is the only
place that some Americans call home. And if Romney gets in, we may run out of those
as he might call them a false sense of entitlement. Coming from the mouth of a man who did
no service (as Dr Paul did -  in wartime) this is rubbish.
I met Romney once; shook his hand, the whole bit. He held a fund raiser here in NYC
at the Sheraton Centre midtown, I got on the list with actor Mike Stranger, and he had his
cell phone out for the moment I got to shake Romney's hand. Which almost did not happen, as I am
not one of his rich kid groupies. After mentioning that I was an ex serviceman, one of about
all of three in the crowd of 500, he reluctantly allowed me to shake hand - and I told him
to his face that he was a weak, selfish and foolish person who would destroy America, then
asked him to step down.
SECURITY! All around me his acolyutes and paid thugs pushed me back, and grabbed Mike's
cell phone. DAMAGE CONTROL! OK, the party was winding down and I agreed to leave -
but NO, they wanted to arrest me - for embarrassing a candidate. That did it. These thugs were
not cops or even decent strongarms. I told them if they even tried I would get them arrested
and proceeded to embarrass his hapless attendees - who had paid $2,500 to get in - and Romney
did not even provide any drinks, as he boasted. Suckers!
I heard the BBC gave an account of it and talked about how in the US dissenters are dealt with. At
least I did not get tasered like some who go against the GOP.
So in a way, I guess I stand to gain from his getting in. I will have confronted and embarrassed
a president of the US. Not enough to die happy, but a modest gain for me; but not for the US,
and I hope he does not win.
And Paul may not either. OK, barring a miracle, he is off to write his memoirs, but solid and honest
memoirs they will be of decades of public and medical service.
Romney, ironically, came close to getting in - had he chosen the Latin candidate, Marc Rubio, as his
running mate, he could have scored big time - but no, he chose some Ayn Rand reading bozo
he would be more comfortable with instead.
The Latin community is perhaps better off not having this association.  I hear many of them
are voting for O - but as the lesser of two evils. They are not fooled. Romney is already a
footnote to them, and they have as much as written his obituary: Humberto Caspa,
in El Diario/La Prensa, 25 Septeber, has this to say:
'A Romney solo le importa Romney.'
Translation - 'The only thing that matters to Romney is Romney.'
Enough said. If only everyone understood this months ago, the GOP might have nominated Paul.
But geschehen ist geschehen. So I accept that he will not be president, my support made probably no
difference, and all I can do at this point is wish him a happy retirement.