Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend press and more info on Hunstman

The New York Post ran a piece on Romney on Saturday, in which it was shown how much he flipflops...I guess that is how he got to be a red governor in a blue state.
On Sunday, the New York Times did a feature on Huntsman, and yet again, an underlying theme there was, who is this guy? Even his campaign staff do not seem to know; many of them have just met him for the first time.
Matt Bai hangs out with him for a few days and gives us a view of the happenings, which are very illuminating. What I make of it is that Huntsman is a rather capable bloke in many fields, and I have a respect for him as he learned the Chinese language and culture. Or I ought to be more specific and say he learned Mandarin and the Chinese culture. And by way of digression, I might just add that this has become a very useful language to learn if you want a job...but getting back to our speaker of Mandarin, who is looking for a job on Pennsylvania Avenue, I think that despite this qualification, he will best serve the US as a diplomat, political analyst, governor of his native state, or, as the article suggest he might be looking at himself, in the post of VP. I see nothing to really dislike in him, and those voters whom he met found him an affable fellow; however, they did not find answers to specific questions on policies, and this did not sit too well with the likes of Travis Blais, the GOP chairman in Windham, New Hampshire. "His attitude seems to be, 'Well, I'm just up here introducing myself to people, and I'll let you know what my positions are later," Blais told the NYT; Blais summed it up with: " Frankly, people noticed...people said, 'Nice guy, very smart, but I have no idea what he thinks.' "
So there. Not quite presidential, but not a bad fish. Nate Silver, a politics blogger for the NYT, opined that Huntsman has not more than a remote chance of scoring the nomination. Even with the vast wealth of his father, who by the way invented the clamshell takeaway containter, he will most likely not be able to convince people to give him the #1 job in America, even if he does speak Mandarin.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Biography of Huntsman

The other day I did a post on Huntsman, of whom until then I had no knowledge, so I have been curious. The New York Times did another article on him, written by Jim Rutenberg on 23 June, in which they too asked: "Who is this guy? Utah, right?"
So I was not alone in my thoughts on this man who would be prez. Up in Exeter, N.H., where he went to canvass, a Leona Nelson was quoted as saying: "I didn't know anything about him when he came in today." He was in South Carolina on Wednesday, and folks there did not know much more about him either.
But in GOP circles it seems he has some explaining to do; Rutenberg ends his piece on this note, alluding to his role as US Ambassador to China under Obama. This does not do him a lot of good and does not get him the crossover votes that Ron Paul would have along with staunch GOP votes. Rather, it confuses the picture. And his term in Asia was not noted for anything significant; but neither was Bush's, who had that post and became prez; but not without also being head of the Republican Party, and a head of the CIA, and also a Congressman; from Texas. Which is where we hope another US president will be from in 2012.
But getting back to the contender, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., he is the eldest son of Jon M. Huntsman (once an acknowledged member of the Forbes 400, where he was ranked the 47th richest man alive) who started the Huntsman Corporation, a multi-billion dollar chemical and synthetic dye company, somewhat along the lines of the Du Pont Corp; even their logo is similar, "better lives through innovation". The Huntsmans are Mormons who previously supported Mitt Romney for president. Huntsman Jr. was elected governor of Utah in 2004, later became ambassador to China. His brother Peter R. Huntsman, Sr., took over as CEO of the Huntsman Corporation in 2000.
So there. He does not seem a bad choice, but just not quite what it takes to get into the Oval Office, and looking ahead, I could see him as a VP or in some top cabinet post, maybe Secretary of State. Just not as president, at least not yet.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hunt for Red November

Tuesday this week a Utah pol appeared in front of the Statue of Liberty here in NYC and threw his hat in the ring for GOP presidential candidate. The New York Times, along with a piece on his presentation, wrote an article about how some GOP candidates are chasing down money; and a third on Gingrich, whose aides are quitting faster than leaves from the trees in November. Which month he hopes to be his. But it won't. He may end up simply chasing down aides, or fallen leaves in the snow.
But back to Huntsman, Jon M. He is the former governor of Utah, which is news to me and I consider myself rather well informed. No slight to the state of Utah, but just what does its former governor stand for? I mean, I can recall lots about the former gov of Minnesota, that navy seal/WWF wrestler and investigator, and even more about the former governor of Texas, who went on to become 43, and about the former gov of NY, actually a number of those, and about those of California....and let's not forget the former, as in quit, governor of Alaska. But of the former first citizen of Utah, who was NY this week, there is no file, good or bad. Which does not say he is bad. It's just that he seems a little optimistic in his aims.
So I'm not out to knock him, this site is for Ron Paul of course, but it is not a mudslinging contest. It is, however, a bit of a test of name recognition, and with all due respect, I doubt that Jon M. will fare well in  that regard. Knowing so little about him I am merely curious...will post a bit more when I check out his record.
Ron Paul, meanwhile, seems to be pacing himself well, he is not getting as much publicity as the other contenders, but maybe because his staff is a long serving body out doing their work and he is not getting into any scandals or outlandish photo ops - what that says is he will impart an air of dignity to the Oval Office, where he belongs.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Send out the clowns

The debates in Hew Hampshire got more attention in the New York Times with yesterday's article by Michael D. Shear titled "Bachmann wins over some Skeptics." Indeed, she wins column inches not for any sensible policy, but for the analysis about whether or not she could "appeal to voters beyond her base in the Tea Party movement, while avoiding the gaffes that have sometimes undercut her efforts to position herself as a credible candidate."
As noted in the previous post, attention often goes to those who make mistakes - whilst those with sensible policies get overlooked.
Hopefully the GOP will not go by theatrics, but will note that Ron Paul is the most sensible candidate, the one with a solid professional background and military service - and that he is also the one with the highest degree of crossover votes; Dems and Greens will vote for him, but the likes of Bachman and Gingrich will only see hardline GOP voters (and/or Tea Party voters..)
Bachmann has hired former Reagan man Ed Rollins, and for a pollster, Ed Goeas; both very experienced political activists. However, that does not make up for what she lacks - though I am not slinging mud - she is a capable Congresswoman; who was not in the military and whose professional experience, while good, is limited to tax litigation and some entrepeneurial undertakings. Dr Paul will be a better leader and has more experience in politics to boot, so as a rational human being, I would choose him over all the rest, some of whom may be clowns.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Debate in New Hampshire

This week started with seven GOP candidates hashing it out in New Hampshire, where next year they will return to be picked or set aside. The debate was not much to watch, Gingrich avoided all mention of
his aides quitting, and Pawlenty avoided attacking Romney's health care; and Palin avoided being there at all.
Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg, writing about it yesterday in the New York Times (pp. A1/A12) noted that she was praised by Pawlenty, who noted she was a remarkable leader...will he pick her as a VP? Just saying....
Michele Bachmann made an appearance for the gentler sex, using the occasion to announce her run, and taking a poke at US involvement in Libya - which is now past the sell-by-date, and well past the time it can be allowed to go on without Congressional approval - a strong point with Ron Paul; who was not much mentioned by the Grey Lady, but who, in my opinion, came off the best in the debate, simply by being rational and showing political experience; of which Herman Cain, who runs a pizza chain, had none - but that does not stop him from aspiring to run the US. He came under fire for some of his remarks about Moslems being 'not totally dedicated to this country'.
Sadly, the paper gave more attention to people who had problems, or who did not even show up. So my only regret about Dr Paul's performance was that it did not get its share of attention, but as to his policies, I am sure they will persuade more people than any of the others. We shall see. We're off to a slow start and things will get more intense in the months to come.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ron Paul is making news in New York!

A week ago, Ron Paul NYC Liberty went out to talk to the restaurant and bar employees and found them very enthusiastic about Ron Paul - who wants to make their tips tax free. The NY Post says he'll never have to pay for a drink in this town again...
But I hope he gets more than free drinks; votes are what he deserves. And votes are what Mitt Romney and, presumably Sarah Palin came after last week. Michael Walsh in the Post calls Romney's campaign 'substance free', and I have to agree. I am not that anti-Romney, and don't have a lot of bad things to say about him, in fact I think he may be  a good governor for Massachusetts, but would not make a good president. As to the latter, well, before she tries to become President of the United States she ought to learn the history of the United States; Paul Revere did not ride to 'warn the British'. Unless he was a double agent and she knows some secret history even the CIA does not have access to.
Tonight I'll be seeing some of the pub crowd at Walters, a bar on 8th that flies the USMC flags as the owner was a Marine. It's Karaoke and lots of fun...but I digress. I will also be discussing the making of a video in which we interview people on the East Coast about their support for Ron Paul. That too will be fun!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why do I support Ron Paul?

2012 is the end of the year, not for all of us, but for a lot of wannabe politicians...or it could
be for all of us if we get the wrong one.
Personally, I am not a fan of any political party and right now enjoy kicking them right, left and centre...
but then sometimes someone surprises and does the right thing.
Like Ron Paul, who once ran for POTUS in '88. He came in third on the libertarian ballot.
Since then, he has been running his Congressional district, which includes the Golden Crescent in South
Texas, much to the envy of his colleagues who are busy explaining that they did not send dirty emails...
Actually, he is a rather clean living guy, and a good head on his shoulders. Unlike most, he is not a pol sci major or lawyer; rather, he is a surgeon, who practiced this craft in the US Air Force in 'Nam. Which means he has real military experience, over most other politicians these days; I think the closest to come to that among the GOP is Peter King of NY.
Now, both are considered POTUS material by their constituents. Not to speak poorly of the long-serving King, who has some strong points, like Homeland Security, which he takes very seriously, maybe a bit too, Paul is many points ahead. Not only the military service, but in the political field as well, with his run for the Oval Office and his capable handling of his district matters. It strikes me that the two might make a good pair, but with King as VP. That way two large states would both have their reps in, and opinions could be balanced, at least in theory.
If that were the ticket I would support it, but I would also support Ron Paul with just about any other running mate, save for someone who quit a post and showed up recently at a veteran's rally uninvited...I am not naming the person; I think to most readers on this planet I have already narrowed it down to a very short list of one...
Anyway, staying positive, I think Mr Paul would do a lot for this country, staring with the economy - he likes to have Americans working. "It's the economy, stupid..." And the economy is his district, as I noted, is good. People there are working.
He is not, however, some billionaire, (again, not to name names but recently one of these types who must met with afore-not-mentioned person just dropped out of any run for POTUS when the challenged the present POTUS without any facts) - he is a doctor and sees both wealth and poverty. Not that I would want a pauper in the Oval Office, where it is too late to take Finance 101 - but a balanced person who does understand mortgage rates, interest rates, put options trading, etc.
And then there is his willingness to just do the right thing regardless of the GOP...which I am not a member of, and have spoken out against on many occasions. For instance, he is against the the president having the power to wage war at will - I think many of those who have been in a war understand it much better and are wiser about starting one. And then there is hemp, which he supports, as it would give Americans jobs and a clean agricultural product that does not require many, if any, pesticides; further, it requires less water than cotton, which is heavily grown in his state and others.
So with these and other reasons, I am hoping he will run and win in 2012.