Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hunt for Red November

Tuesday this week a Utah pol appeared in front of the Statue of Liberty here in NYC and threw his hat in the ring for GOP presidential candidate. The New York Times, along with a piece on his presentation, wrote an article about how some GOP candidates are chasing down money; and a third on Gingrich, whose aides are quitting faster than leaves from the trees in November. Which month he hopes to be his. But it won't. He may end up simply chasing down aides, or fallen leaves in the snow.
But back to Huntsman, Jon M. He is the former governor of Utah, which is news to me and I consider myself rather well informed. No slight to the state of Utah, but just what does its former governor stand for? I mean, I can recall lots about the former gov of Minnesota, that navy seal/WWF wrestler and investigator, and even more about the former governor of Texas, who went on to become 43, and about the former gov of NY, actually a number of those, and about those of California....and let's not forget the former, as in quit, governor of Alaska. But of the former first citizen of Utah, who was NY this week, there is no file, good or bad. Which does not say he is bad. It's just that he seems a little optimistic in his aims.
So I'm not out to knock him, this site is for Ron Paul of course, but it is not a mudslinging contest. It is, however, a bit of a test of name recognition, and with all due respect, I doubt that Jon M. will fare well in  that regard. Knowing so little about him I am merely curious...will post a bit more when I check out his record.
Ron Paul, meanwhile, seems to be pacing himself well, he is not getting as much publicity as the other contenders, but maybe because his staff is a long serving body out doing their work and he is not getting into any scandals or outlandish photo ops - what that says is he will impart an air of dignity to the Oval Office, where he belongs.

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  1. Being gov of Utah is not the greatest in credentials...what people would vote for Huntsman - maybe not even GOP voters as he took a post under O...certainly not Latins and Jews and African Americans...who now make up the crucial votes in this country. Not rich Mormons...