Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why do I support Ron Paul?

2012 is the end of the year, not for all of us, but for a lot of wannabe politicians...or it could
be for all of us if we get the wrong one.
Personally, I am not a fan of any political party and right now enjoy kicking them right, left and centre...
but then sometimes someone surprises and does the right thing.
Like Ron Paul, who once ran for POTUS in '88. He came in third on the libertarian ballot.
Since then, he has been running his Congressional district, which includes the Golden Crescent in South
Texas, much to the envy of his colleagues who are busy explaining that they did not send dirty emails...
Actually, he is a rather clean living guy, and a good head on his shoulders. Unlike most, he is not a pol sci major or lawyer; rather, he is a surgeon, who practiced this craft in the US Air Force in 'Nam. Which means he has real military experience, over most other politicians these days; I think the closest to come to that among the GOP is Peter King of NY.
Now, both are considered POTUS material by their constituents. Not to speak poorly of the long-serving King, who has some strong points, like Homeland Security, which he takes very seriously, maybe a bit too, Paul is many points ahead. Not only the military service, but in the political field as well, with his run for the Oval Office and his capable handling of his district matters. It strikes me that the two might make a good pair, but with King as VP. That way two large states would both have their reps in, and opinions could be balanced, at least in theory.
If that were the ticket I would support it, but I would also support Ron Paul with just about any other running mate, save for someone who quit a post and showed up recently at a veteran's rally uninvited...I am not naming the person; I think to most readers on this planet I have already narrowed it down to a very short list of one...
Anyway, staying positive, I think Mr Paul would do a lot for this country, staring with the economy - he likes to have Americans working. "It's the economy, stupid..." And the economy is his district, as I noted, is good. People there are working.
He is not, however, some billionaire, (again, not to name names but recently one of these types who must met with afore-not-mentioned person just dropped out of any run for POTUS when the challenged the present POTUS without any facts) - he is a doctor and sees both wealth and poverty. Not that I would want a pauper in the Oval Office, where it is too late to take Finance 101 - but a balanced person who does understand mortgage rates, interest rates, put options trading, etc.
And then there is his willingness to just do the right thing regardless of the GOP...which I am not a member of, and have spoken out against on many occasions. For instance, he is against the the president having the power to wage war at will - I think many of those who have been in a war understand it much better and are wiser about starting one. And then there is hemp, which he supports, as it would give Americans jobs and a clean agricultural product that does not require many, if any, pesticides; further, it requires less water than cotton, which is heavily grown in his state and others.
So with these and other reasons, I am hoping he will run and win in 2012.

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  1. I'm glad someone started a blog, we gotta get this guy elected or the US is in trouble. Let me know if I can support more.