Monday, September 26, 2011

Herman Cain beats Perry

While it would be hoped that Dr Paul would have come in first in the Florida straw poll, there is some joy in seeing at least that Rick Perry has not; rather, Herman Cain placed first. So much for the papers saying that
there were really only 3 main GOP contenders, Bachmann, Perry and Romney. Bachmann, by the way,
only got 1.5% of the votes. Maybe this time she did not have funds to bus in voter, basically bribing them with free hotel stays and food.
Perry seems a bit meteoric. He rose on the word of journalists, and fell on his own word like a soldier falling on his sword. Even the far rigth John Podhoretz was quick to shoot the fallen horse.
Cain has been very supported on this site, but given his total lack of any experience in political office, we have slotted him for VP. Experience is a big issue. Personality is one thing, but when it comes to getting a job done, we all know that experience is key.
And Dr Paul has that.
Some are heavily backing Romney now, but who wants a president who contradicts himself on major issues? Consistency is another issue, and again, Dr Paul has that.
When will the press wake up?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alexandra Petri on the GOP

The New York Post yesterday reprinted Alexandra Petri's column in the Washington Post about the GOP forerunners. She notes that Perry is running 7 points BEHIND Obama, whilst Paul is neck-and-neck. So why all this media hype about Perry? She titles her piece "Beware the Generic GOPer."
This mythical beast is, of course, the best bet.
She continues talking about Ron Paul, referring to him as the Totally Non-Generic Republican. She seems to be leaning towards him: "...say what you want about him, Paul is undeniably real..."
She then reflects more on this Generic Republican and admits he might be ahead - if he weren't real.
A glimmer of truth is out there in the it slipped in I am not sure.
But it's there.
And speaking of Perry, he was here cap-in-hand to solicit Latin votes and Jewish money. The Latin press was not enthralled: Gerson Borrero, writing on 21 Sept. in El Diario/La Prensa tore apart his 'acercamiento a los latinos'. (Getting close to Latin voters, roughly translated into gringo).
He compared the few Latins who supported him to traitors, and opined that the 50 supposed donors ought to 'canceler sus cheques'. No translation needed.
The Latin vote is crucial to this campaign, they are the fastest growing segment of US society. And they will not vote for a Generic Republican. They lean either towards Democrats or Non-Generic Republicans.
Coming soon to this blog - an examination of this by Carlos Reyes who is a commenter here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

AP on Ron Paul/Rick Perry debate

Philipp Elliot of the Associated Press just did a piece on Ron Paul. Here it is:

A Texas-sized rivalry is brewing in the Republican presidential contest.
Texas Rep. Ron Paul is calling Texas Gov. Rick Perry "Al Gore's Texas cheerleader" for once working to help elect the Democrat. Perry's team, in turn, is branding Paul a turncoat for once leaving the GOP.
The back-and-forth between two Texans, who never have been particularly close, could spill over into Wednesday's debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., a memorial to the conservative who counseled fellow Republicans not to speak ill about one another.
So far, neither Paul nor Perry is heeding that advice.
Over the past few weeks, both have seen their standing in the GOP field rise. Paul, a libertarian-leaning Republican who has a strong legion of die-hard supporters and a big bank account, came within 152 votes of winning an important test vote in Iowa on the same day that Perry, who leads in several national and state polls, entered the race to great fanfare among the party's conservative base.
Since then, Paul has been poking at Perry, seeking to tarnish the governor's image.
Last week, Paul likened Perry to a "candidate of the week" and predicted Perry's poll numbers would fall quickly once voters got to know him better. He told The Associated Press, "Texas has had a lot of changes in these last eight years, not exactly positive either."
This week, Paul rolled out a TV ad suggesting that Perry wants to unravel the Reagan legacy. The ad highlighted Paul's own endorsement of Reagan's unsuccessful bid for the GOP nomination in 1976 and Perry's work on then-Sen. Al Gore's unsuccessful presidential bid in 1988.
The ad said: "Rick Perry helped lead Al Gore's campaign to undo the Reagan revolution, fighting to elect Al Gore president of the United States. Now, America must decide who to trust: Al Gore's Texas cheerleader or the one who stood with Reagan."
Perry was a Democrat serving in the state legislature at the time. He switched parties in 1989 and successfully ran for state agriculture commissioner as a Republican.
Paul's ad drew a rebuke from Perry's campaign, which said in a statement, "Like President Reagan, Gov. Perry has cut taxes and freed employers from government regulations that kill jobs."
Perry aides also dug up and distributed Paul's 1987 letter of resignation from the Republican Party.
Video: Chuck’s First Read:  It’s debate time (on this page)
In it, Paul wrote, "I want to totally disassociate myself from the policies that have given us unprecedented deficits, massive monetary inflation, indiscriminate military spending, an irrational and unconstitutional foreign policy, zooming foreign aid, the exaltation of international banking, and the attack on our personal liberties and privacy."
Paul ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988; two decades later he ran as a Republican.
"Paul thought President Reagan was so bad, he left the GOP," Perry spokesman Mark Miner said, calling Paul's letter a broadside attack on every element of Reagan's record and philosophy.
Paul advisers promised not to shy away from highlighting parts of Perry's record that they say are inconsistent with his campaign pitch.
What to watch in tonight's debate
"We don't think the fact that you used to be a Democrat is the big problem here," Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton said in an open letter to Perry on Wednesday. "The real problem is that, too often, you still act like one."
In 2008, Perry, who previously supported Texans Phil Gramm and George W. Bush for president, backed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani over Paul in the GOP nomination fight.
Asked at the time about Paul, Perry dismissed his home state lawmaker.
"I didn't ever consider Ron Paul," he said. "You get to make choices in life. And I made a choice. Ron Paul is not mine for president. It's pretty simple for me."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

GOP fundraisers in New York

The GOP's fundraising parade this last weekend got rained on, with Romney having to cancel events on Long Island. By Tuesday, the weather was better, and David Niehaus went ahead with his fundraiser at the Rooftop at 230 Fifth Avenue.
Picketing outside was a man who a campaigner and fundraiser ripped off years ago, he is now homeless as a result. Not a lot of the GOP members gave a damn about that, they just wanted to call security on him, which would have worked but some of the GOP members did take the time to talk to him; not surprising, they were all Ron Paul supporters who did. The rest of them were just put off by the sign saying that they needed to stop acting like whine brats, stop cyring, stop threatening, and act like men. Turns out this GOP fundraiser dude begged money from a friend, a former serviceman, and then used the money on a congressional campaign, and on a luxury pad for himself. $40,000 of it. But all this was just a joke to most of the GOP partiers. Watching someone in America go homeless because of some creepy thing they did just makes them laugh.
Which does not reflect well on any GOP member, Ron Paul included. However, I am sure that while many of the GOP have these kinds of skeletons in the closet - Paul does not. And the protester made clear that while he is going to strike at the upcoming Rick Perry fundraiser, and any other GOP fundraisers he finds in the city, he will leave Ron Paul, and for good measure, Herman Cain, free to garner support.
So he has a heart and is not just taking random hostages, but has made clear that he is going to make the GOP pay for this weird nonsense of theirs. And good. They can serve as collateral for a bad debt.
There was also talk at the event of a Centrist Party emerging, taking the decent people out of both parties, nominating Ron Paul as the presidential candidate, and getting the US out of the mess that both major parties have caused.
That is probably the most intelligent move in US politics in several decades, since Teddy Roosevelt started his own third party.  But they are not going to call it the Bull Moose Party. That was TR's mistake. Why are parties called after large mammals in the US? Well, not all. Actually there are quite a number of parties which aren't; the most aptly named,  Democratus Rex. How about Elephantus Mortus?