Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alexandra Petri on the GOP

The New York Post yesterday reprinted Alexandra Petri's column in the Washington Post about the GOP forerunners. She notes that Perry is running 7 points BEHIND Obama, whilst Paul is neck-and-neck. So why all this media hype about Perry? She titles her piece "Beware the Generic GOPer."
This mythical beast is, of course, the best bet.
She continues talking about Ron Paul, referring to him as the Totally Non-Generic Republican. She seems to be leaning towards him: "...say what you want about him, Paul is undeniably real..."
She then reflects more on this Generic Republican and admits he might be ahead - if he weren't real.
A glimmer of truth is out there in the it slipped in I am not sure.
But it's there.
And speaking of Perry, he was here cap-in-hand to solicit Latin votes and Jewish money. The Latin press was not enthralled: Gerson Borrero, writing on 21 Sept. in El Diario/La Prensa tore apart his 'acercamiento a los latinos'. (Getting close to Latin voters, roughly translated into gringo).
He compared the few Latins who supported him to traitors, and opined that the 50 supposed donors ought to 'canceler sus cheques'. No translation needed.
The Latin vote is crucial to this campaign, they are the fastest growing segment of US society. And they will not vote for a Generic Republican. They lean either towards Democrats or Non-Generic Republicans.
Coming soon to this blog - an examination of this by Carlos Reyes who is a commenter here.

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