Monday, September 26, 2011

Herman Cain beats Perry

While it would be hoped that Dr Paul would have come in first in the Florida straw poll, there is some joy in seeing at least that Rick Perry has not; rather, Herman Cain placed first. So much for the papers saying that
there were really only 3 main GOP contenders, Bachmann, Perry and Romney. Bachmann, by the way,
only got 1.5% of the votes. Maybe this time she did not have funds to bus in voter, basically bribing them with free hotel stays and food.
Perry seems a bit meteoric. He rose on the word of journalists, and fell on his own word like a soldier falling on his sword. Even the far rigth John Podhoretz was quick to shoot the fallen horse.
Cain has been very supported on this site, but given his total lack of any experience in political office, we have slotted him for VP. Experience is a big issue. Personality is one thing, but when it comes to getting a job done, we all know that experience is key.
And Dr Paul has that.
Some are heavily backing Romney now, but who wants a president who contradicts himself on major issues? Consistency is another issue, and again, Dr Paul has that.
When will the press wake up?


  1. The press needs to be woken is not a passive action...oxymoron that would be...
    I like the idea of standing outside the NYT building with a sign telling the world what cowards and plagiarists they are. Most people Midtown know they spend their time in all the sex shops in the 'hood.
    Getting them to spend their time on real journalism is like getting cowards on the front line.

  2. The press is too busy falling over Amanda Knox and her pink sex toys to pay attention to the reality of who may be president. She will make millions of interviews. Maybe she should be Casey Anthony's roommate in a reality TV show?
    Or they could both run for president...they and other idiots like Rick Perry get more press than someone sensible like Dr Ron Paul.
    And people vote for whoever gets the most press.