Saturday, June 25, 2011

Biography of Huntsman

The other day I did a post on Huntsman, of whom until then I had no knowledge, so I have been curious. The New York Times did another article on him, written by Jim Rutenberg on 23 June, in which they too asked: "Who is this guy? Utah, right?"
So I was not alone in my thoughts on this man who would be prez. Up in Exeter, N.H., where he went to canvass, a Leona Nelson was quoted as saying: "I didn't know anything about him when he came in today." He was in South Carolina on Wednesday, and folks there did not know much more about him either.
But in GOP circles it seems he has some explaining to do; Rutenberg ends his piece on this note, alluding to his role as US Ambassador to China under Obama. This does not do him a lot of good and does not get him the crossover votes that Ron Paul would have along with staunch GOP votes. Rather, it confuses the picture. And his term in Asia was not noted for anything significant; but neither was Bush's, who had that post and became prez; but not without also being head of the Republican Party, and a head of the CIA, and also a Congressman; from Texas. Which is where we hope another US president will be from in 2012.
But getting back to the contender, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., he is the eldest son of Jon M. Huntsman (once an acknowledged member of the Forbes 400, where he was ranked the 47th richest man alive) who started the Huntsman Corporation, a multi-billion dollar chemical and synthetic dye company, somewhat along the lines of the Du Pont Corp; even their logo is similar, "better lives through innovation". The Huntsmans are Mormons who previously supported Mitt Romney for president. Huntsman Jr. was elected governor of Utah in 2004, later became ambassador to China. His brother Peter R. Huntsman, Sr., took over as CEO of the Huntsman Corporation in 2000.
So there. He does not seem a bad choice, but just not quite what it takes to get into the Oval Office, and looking ahead, I could see him as a VP or in some top cabinet post, maybe Secretary of State. Just not as president, at least not yet.

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