Friday, February 3, 2012

Latin radio on the GOP hustings

In the last four years, the Latin community has added 2 million voters; 500,000 Latins a year turn 18. And they are not usually inclined to vote GOP. Such facts were pointed on by Fernando Escuelas, and his guest, Congressman Luis Guitierrez earlier this week on Radio Wado, 1280AM in New York.
In yesterday's New York Daily News a reader's letter was full of thanks to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich - for sealing the election for Obama this year.
But it does not have to be that way. Dr Ron Paul, who has a district full of Hispanics, many of whom are prosperous and contribute to his constant reelection success, is the one candidate who can get the Latin vote and beat Obama.
It seems that Romney and Gingrich go out of their way to lose the Latin vote; even when trying to pander to the Hispanic voter, the alienate him. Earlier posts on this blog by Carlos Reyes go into great detail on this, and Guitierrez pointed out that Romney and Gingrich tell Latins there are jobs in the military - which only highlights their deferments in the war. Rich kids who are ducking duty only to leave it to poor kids whom they hope will vote for them is how it pans out.
Maybe they do not think how this makes Ron Paul look good. By doing nothing, but letting these clowns speak, he looks good. Fact is he did not duck out. He was a doctor in the US Air Force, and continued in medical practice after his term.
There has not been much about him on the Latin radio, but let's see what happens with the Nevada primary, where he and his team will be talking to the largest growing bloc of voters. In general, he has been getting more press, including an entire article in the New York Times which is the post just before this one.

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