Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is not into 30 days...and it is coming soon to a park near you.
This weekend it came to Times Square, after finding Washington Square Park
last week. Mayor Bloomberg tried to have it leave Zucotti Park, which he said
needed cleaning, but that failed. The campers stayed happy in their sleeping bags,
still getting free pizza and bagels and lox...and of course, taking their anti-capitalism
rant into McDonalds.
Which irony Drew Grant, writing in the NY Observer, was quick to point out in a large feature
article, pp.18-20 in the 17 October issue.
Grant was also quick to point out that there were no Ron Paul sympathizers: "We spent all day looking for a possible Tea Party member or Ron Paul sympathizer and can up empty-handed."
Funny, the Ron Paul people had the biggest banner there, it took three men to hold it up on the East side of Zucotti Park. And I was there on the west side promoting this blog and hemp (which Ron Paul supports). I asked another protester, or 'occupier' as Arnie likes to be called, and he just laughed; he'd seen plenty and he was not even looking; maybe Grant is blind. Or a total liar. I'm not calling him a liar, but I am pointing out that he may be a liar. Fine line between pointing out the truth here and getting sued for, well, pointing out the truth. Did I say he was a liar?
If I did so what....
The New York Times on Sunday, 16th (which for some reason actually came out after Grant's article of the 17th) seems to go to lengths to put down Ron Paul in an article by Matt Bai, who alludes to the 'radical isolationism of Ron Paul.'; no mention of Dr. Paul's actual popularity and his presence on the House Banking Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Nor any credible example of this 'radical isolationism.' A page or two later, quoting some lobbyist named John Freehery, Bai talks about Republicans having to sort out their 'Ron Paul problem." Excuse me? Ron Paul 'problem'? 
Ron Paul is one of their only credible members. One does not read his name in exposes like the Trance-Formation of America or Rolling Stone articles about banking fraud. So maybe, since he does not go in for sexual predation and embezzlement, as do some Republicans, he is a problem. One may have to put this statement into context.
A piece in the New York Post a while back basically admitted that journalists avoided Ron Paul. And one wonders why? Is it because common sense is anathema to the media and political elites who ripped off America? Yes it is. And let them sue me if they want.
But first they have millions of protesters on their hands; Arab Spring has become Western Fall...and the protesters, or 'occupiers'  as Arnie prefers to call them, are not just going to go away. 
And among them there are plenty of Ron Paul supporters. Their website is 

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