Friday, December 2, 2011

No news is no news

I haven't blogged for a while. There seems to be no news on Ron Paul, while every day Herman Cain
gets about a full page; Perry and Romney get almost the same. Why? For lying? For suddenly not being able to remember your words mid-sentence, or not knowing the voting age or the right date of election day in America?

All of which means that bad candidates get free press. Lazy journalists love it, they have lots to write about, but the voters do not get much information about sensible candidates.

In the meantime, much press has been given to the OWS movement, which is headed by rich kids who spend $700 a night on hotel rooms and eat luxury organic food. Another waste of time. 

The circus grinds on, fools are in fashion and clowns rule. Somewhere in the background a sensible candidate
is calling for the abolition of government red tape and for American farmers to grow hemp. And a tree falls in a forest. We hear nothing, we see nothing. Then we ask why it is all falling apart.

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