Friday, January 27, 2012

Albor Ruiz and the Hispanic press in NY on Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

The New York Daily News, which has not so far been partial to Dr Paul, gave him a good word on Wednesday (25 Jan.), when Albor Ruiz, in his article titled "GOP candidates play Cuba card to 'please' " - noted that the candidates were willing to say anything to "please" - exept for Ron Paul, of course...
The Latin GOP vote seems to be exclusively his - note that his district contains many Spanish speaking voters and they return him to office year after year.
In Saturday's (28 Jan.) El Diario/La Prensa, V. Morales Pagan writes an article titled "Romney so es amigo de PR" - pointing out that Romney was responsible for hundreds of job losses in the '90s in Puerto Rico; one victim of the unemployment was driven to consider suicide.
Romney has never been a friend of the Hispanic community. Utah, Michigan and Massachusetts are not states with a large percentage of Latin Americans.
In contrast, and as noted above, Congressman Paul has a good amount of them for supporters in Texas, and they will be reaching out to their brethren in the US to vote for Paul. No other GOP candidate has this base of support - that is why a recent article in El Diario/La Prensa was titled "Republicanos con problema ante latinos." It focused, however, on Romney and Gingrich and certainly did not include Paul as an example of GOP attitude against the Latin community.
Florida will be interesting, but even if, as Romney is hoping, he gets the Cuban vote in that state, he has no chance of getting the Latin vote in the rest of the nation. After Florida expect Romney to fall by the wayside.
Watch closely the Latin vote in these hustings, it has not yet been heard, but it will be.

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  1. Mitt Romney would give us anther 4 years of O...
    no Hispanics are going to vote for this rich kid. The GOP needs to get real.