Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coast to Coast, Ron Paul and the NDAA

George Noory  and Linda Mouton Howe on Coast to Coast had their hands full this morning, with Jonathan Eamord, David Simmon, Tyrell Ventura, Gerald Solante and Alex Jones weighing in about the National Defense Authorisation Act and the Enemy Expatriation Act - the latter poised to strip US citzens of their citizenship and their rights - without due process.
The acts are heinous and unconstitutional; no surprise that Obama signed the NDAA on New Years' Eve, when everyone was out celebrating and he could sneak it in. This NDAA allows the Department of Defense to arrest citizens and indefinitely detain them without charge or evidence.
Scarier still, it was voted on by the legislators almost without resistance.
Almost, but not quite; three guesses whose name came up constantly in the discussions. Yesterday, for instance, Ron Paul put forward a bill to amend this. Not that he got a lot of support.
I am sitting here in NYC in Carolyn Maloney's district, and she has been avoiding me when I call about the hemp bill, and she will now have to work extra hard because I will be calling now about the NDAA.
But let's get back to Ron Paul. Tuesday his name came up at the Mitt Romney fund raiser at the Sheraton - where I was famously almost arrested for the 'crime' of embarrassing a candidate by
some of his fly-by-night security guards - because his supporters were anxiously whispering that he might take a third party route; and they were afraid of it. There was visible tension over the issue.
And if he does, Terell Ventura informs us, he just may get the best VP in US history - Tyrell's dad, Jesse.
So we live in interesting times, and if half of what Alex Jones tells us, we are about to be
bombarded with Level 4 germs and shot by the Army on orders of POTUS. I take Alex Jones with a grain of salt, but unfortunately, much of what he says comes true. So I do not arrogantly dismiss it.
But even without the dire predictions of this Texan broadcaster, this act is simply stupid. And Ron Paul is sensible; he opposes it, and so do I.
But the rest of the GOP candidates and Obama are do not oppose this, and that is why Ron Paul gets more contributions from military personnel than all the other GOP candidates and Obama put together - 74%.
One recurring question on the show was "why are they doing this?" It seems that it was manipulated past the press rather skillfully, though it is not hard to get stuf past the press, so maybe it is just laziness on their part - but still, why this bill and why the secret meetings with the Department of Defense? Gerald Solante gave us a bleak outlook of the economy, as well he might, having been burnt in the Jon Corzine affair - for those of you not quite familiar with that, perhaps because the press is a bit too lazy to make you familiar with it, Corzine is a former governor of New Jersey, and was involved in a fund where $1.6billion disappeared just as fast as the $2.3trillion from the Pentagon did just before 9/11. Google around if this is news to you. If not, you will know that there is serious theft going on and that the same people benefitting from it are making laws to put American citizens behind bars stripped of their rights. And maybe the American citizens they decide to arrest will be the ones asking hard questions. Jones opined that maybe this was all to hide their crimes, giving them power to protect themselves from investigation and angry, ripped off taxpayers, and said: "that's why they're scared that Ron Paul is introducing legislation to repeal the provision."
He noted that Sen Joe Lieberman may have subconsciously admitted what they were after when he said "I want you to be scared."
And I want most of you out of office and under investigation. Lock them up till they 'find' the millions, uh, billions, uh, make that trillions, they 'lost.' And let's not hear any more about this NDAA and the EEA.
What next, forced microchipping on our hands and foreheads?


  1. Since Ron Paul stands up to the enemy within the gate, many politicians panic.
    And no surprise that the military supports him, not the deferment kings like Romney and Newt and Obama.

  2. This NDAA thing is weird...Ron Paul is just about the only pol taking any action against it.
    He'll get the vote from real people who are not brainwashed by Romney's money and all his ads.
    Where are the journalists on this issue? Note that the NYT takes weird ads from Mormons and refuses to carry the story about what happened at the Sheraton when a serviceman confronted him...