Monday, January 2, 2012

Appeal to Iowa caucus voters to support Ron Paul

Today is the first day of the New Year. So far, so good. And even better that Ron Paul is gaining in the polls.
I happen to have some ties to his constituency, after all, it is my business address - my sister and I moved Minawear - a natural clothing company using hemp and other natural textiles - to it after many years in Santa Monica. In my youth I joined the navy in Houston, which is Ron Paul country. His district is one of the largest in the nation - about the size of the state of Massachusets. It is doing much better economically than that state, and much better than other districts on average. They call it the  Golden Triangle.
So I have I guess a very basic reason to support Paul: the economy, stupid. But there are other reasons. One is the military. For starters, Paul was in. An officer and a doctor during Vietnam. Added to this he is balanced on his military thinking, not  just running around gung-ho like some other candidates, many of whom were never in uniform. No surprise that there is presently a groundswell of support from active and former serviceman such as myself.
And then there is his initiative to create jobs in the US. That ought to be JOBS. Again, the economy stupid. But not without the ecology. What Paul wants is to make hemp - from which the first flag was made - and on which the original copy of the US Constitution was printed - legal for US farmers to grow. Some are against it, especially if they do not want the US to compete with China. Or to have its own textile industry, or manufacture paper....or use it for 25,000 other uses, as Popular Mechanics noted it had. 
I spend most of my time on the East Coast. And I see what Santorium and  Romney have done. And I compare it to what Paul has done. And I pray to God Paul wins.
And my plea to my fellow beings in Iowa is that you back the man who has the years of experience, military service, professional standing, is a veteran of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Banking Committee - Congressman Ron Paul. For a stronger America.


  1. Sad they did not listen. Power and money jumped in - with Murdoch picking Santorium - and the investigation into Murdoch going nowhere - his company clearly hacked into 9/11 survivors' phones - but the Justice Department now sells US citizens to this scum who in the UK aided and abetted child molesters.
    So Santorium's powerful backer and Romney's money pushed Ron Paul into third...which is good considering he did not have scum media moguls and billions of dollars to work with.

  2. Minawear is a great company, here is their URL -

    It's outfits like that which help America, and growing hemp would create jobs which Rick Santorium hates to do as he serves Murdoch...check out the latest message from Murdoch to the American people on

  3. How silly that the GOP has Romney in the lead...
    they like his money but what about real life experience?