Saturday, July 30, 2011

Budget debate

Sometimes I think it might be best to take politics and mix it with the WWF...We might have stories like
BOEHNER vs. WEINER go head to head...hand to hand...and accomplish nothing.
Reid and weap for this is what is going on. The voice of the extremists in both parties has drowned out reason. The far right in the GOP ask for tax cust for the rich and the Democrats give them what they want...
Every year $100 billion in taxes is lost to offshore companies, some of these working for the Pentagon. The sum of the revenue collected by the Treasury today is just 14.8% of the GDP, the lowest in 50 years.
Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, writes in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that "if the Republicans have their way, the entire burden of deficit reduction will be places on the elderly, the sick, children and working families."
Which is just about where it belongs, they seem to think.
But not all of them. What is happening here is a failure of the press; which is so bad that they have been caught giving cell phones to the parents of a murdered child so as to bug their conversations. A week ago they only bugged the cell phones of murder victims, but with each passing week we hear more of the vile antics of the Murdoch Empire - from his rivals, about whom I am sure we could hear much the same.
But we do not hear about intelligent politicians such as Ron Paul who are NOT advocating tax breaks for the rich; they are not on baord with much of the media - and for this alone we ought to single them out. Why are we hearing about Bachmann's headaches and Weiner's weiner?
Because the media empires are full of, get this, RICH PEOPLE....who like to promote the politicians that help them. Here in NY the NY Times Building got indecent tax breaks...a story broken by their rival, the Daily News...why? Because they knew how to cuddle up to politicians. And these politicians in turn get publicity. And some live in fear of the press - but not Ron Paul. This is a kind of litmus test of a politician - what relationship does he or she have with the press?
Notice how little we hear about Dr Paul...yet he is one of the few who understands finance and does not support these tax breaks.
Murdoch does not seem to like him; nor does Sulzberger; or Zimmerman, or Moon, or, or, or, or....
So there.
A vote for Ron Paul is a vote against Murdoch et al. That is a powerful vote.

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