Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann on drugs

In todays papers there are stories about Michele Bachmann and her drug habit, or at least her need to take three kinds to deal with her migraines, which she thinks but is not sure may come from her high heels. At least twice while on the hunt for votes she has had to stop and go for medical treatment. Imagine if there were a terrorist attack? I mean, she'd have to stop and take those drugs...or stop wearing high heels.
On the heels of this news, JT Young writes about how great she is. Rupert Murdoch gives him space in the Post to tell us how the left is terrified of her because women are going to vote for her...
He quotes statistics to show that women are 50+% of the vote, and are growing more conservative each year. This does not mean they would vote for some person who has done little in Congress and gets headaches from her shoes...and any lefty women out there would not go vote for her just because of who she is. Young does not seem to have that much experience other than a job in from 2001- 2004 when he was in the Office of Management and Budget; from 1987-2000 he was a Congressional staffer. That is all the paper said about him and all I could find on the internet - it does lead one to wonder what he did between 2004 and the present.
He asserts she is ahead of Romney in Iowa and rising in New Hampshire. If so, heaven help America. It needs a leader who is not in need of constant medical attention. Dr Paul is the man. And next time Bachmann feels that migraine coming on, she knows where to seek help.

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