Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pawlenty vs. Bachmann

Pawlenty is starting to trail in the polls, but he has managed to get back in the media spotlight - by blasting Bachmann. He claims she did absolutely nothing in Congress. Both are from Minnesota, not a state known for sending people to the Oval Office.
Bachmann is now neck and neck with front-runner Romney in the polls.
But the election itself is light years away in political years...lots to transpire till then.
Here in New York there is an unusual election, to replace Anthony, as in Weiner...The Dems want David Weprin to replace him after he had to quit in disgrace - and this being NY, my bet in on Weprin...GOP Congressmen here are hen's teeth.
But the former mayor, Ed Koch, wants a GOP man - as a way to rebuke Obama for his stance on Israel. So Bob Turner may stand a chance, but I still would not put money on it.
However, it says something about the 2012 elections; Jews may well not vote for Obama for a number of reasons, they may well back the GOP, but only if the GOP candidate is convincing. Last time they did not vote for McCain - who seemed to have amnesia - and Palin, who does not go over well with an educated crowd.
Ron Paul is a strong choice - especially among those who remember his lone pro-Israel stand in 1981, if my own memory serves correct - when the GOP denounced Israel and he said it was a sovereign nation that had the right to defend itself. He also points out that the US gives the Arabs four times as much money than it gives Israel, and he is right. I would not be surprised if Ed Koch would support him. Pawlenty, or Bachmann, I cannot see them getting much enthusiasm among the Jewish voters.  Or the Latin, African-American voters either, they may well be restricted to the core GOP voter base which is not enough to ensure a regime change here.

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  1. Rolling Stone just did a piece on Bachmann...basically they called her a liar. I am surprised they got that past legal, they must know they are right or they would not risk a law suit.