Friday, July 8, 2011

Dave Brooks in the New York Times

A number of letters appeared in the New York Times yesterday in response to David Brooks article of 5 July ("The Mother of All No-Brainers"). Most were anti-GOP. Barrett Zinn Gross quoted Dick Cheney's absurd remark about deficits not mattering, and Ron Freeland asserts that they GOP is incapable of running the country.
Personally, I am not a big GOP fan. This blog is about Ron Paul - not the GOP. But I am not a fan of the left either - especially when they have some fringe lunatics running about letting rapists out of me a Centrist if you will.
And I might just call Ron Paul a Centrist, which is what this country needs. But I can work with either party, if I do not have to deal with the extremists. I think that in all fairness to the GOP these letters point out the extermists in the GOP - Cheney and Glover Norquist are mentioned, and neither of them are close to Ron Paul.
These extremists not only make the party look bad, but they deflect light from the sensible candidates. The press finds them an easy story - and does damage to the country, as the voters hear so much about them and not enough about the sensible politicians, right, left or in the middle - who could do the job. The press, especially the Murdoch press, also spends its time hacking into citizen's cell phones, which is why Murdoch may lose his empire in the UK - where his people hacked into the phone of a missing school girl, and possible the phones of UK military families and families of 7/7 victims.Why? It is very mysterious.
He owns the Post in NY, which almost never mentions Ron Paul. Why? Is Murdoch involved with people who do not have the interests of the US at heart? CCP? Chemical companies bent on selling DDT? Intel agencies bent on hacking into phones of military families? Who, by the way, is this paper supporting and why?
Just asking...

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  1. Most political commentators are missing the fact - who is going to the polls. No one seems to be talking about the Latin vote - which is
    now about 12 million. That will make this election. Most GOP candidates do not have any of it.