Thursday, July 21, 2011

Citizen Murdoch and his team of politicians

It seems politicians these days are having to distance themselves from a crime suspect - Keith Murdoch, better known by his middle name of Rupert. Yesterday in Parliament, he had to answer questions after having to sell the News of the World - the kind of paper that takes a story from a illegal immigrant about how bad other illegal immigrants are but omits to notice that their source is in fact the world's largest heroin is no loss, but to heroin dealers who have stories to sell.
Conveniently for Murdoch, the main whistleblower, who was contradicting the Murdoch line that the hacking was more or less of a one-off, ended up dead. He just 'happened' to die, and there is nothing suspicious about his death or the timing of say the police who just 'happened' to check on him for some odd reason. And so, before the toxicology reports are even started on Sean Hoare, the police have cleared Citizen Murdoch. Which is really very nice, because Murdoch's staff were bribing the police right and left, and quite a few have had to step down. Maybe there are none left to investigate any more mysterious deaths in the realm?
Which is really nice also for the politicians who courted him, from Tony Blair to David Cameron. The whistleblowers die and the police quit and Murdoch can go on forcing his politicians on the public. Yesterday he seemed to be endorsing Michele Bachmann in some tired piece by a J T Young in the New York Post. Makes me wonder what criminal acts Bachmann is into to be on his good side. Hacking into 9/11 victims's phones? Paying off the police? Evidence tampering? Who knows.
It may just be a good policy to avoid any and all politicians whom Murdoch has espoused. Wipe the slate clean and get in people who do not make friends with the devil.
That is one reason to support Ron Paul. Murdoch, Sulzberger, Zuckerman and Sun Myung Moon - (Fox/NY Post; NY Times; NYDaily News; Washington Times) - do not get in bed with him - and we need independent candidates more than candidates need the press. Get out and write to your local papers and support Ron Paul, let them know you do not want Murdoch and others putting their minions in power. Just look at the meltdown that has happened in the UK - a country the US fought to get away is time to fight to get away from Murdoch - and his politicians.

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  1. I like your idea...let the politicians wrestle and sell tickets to balance the budget...seriously though, RP is the only one with any ideas worth listening to on the budget. He is on the banking committee and really knows finance.