Monday, July 18, 2011

Federal Election Results for the candidates

The NYT yesterday published the FE results for the leading candidates, with Huntsman and McCotter (McWHo?) nor required to file this quarter.
So far, Obama has $46.3 million raised, with $11.1 spent in 2nd quarter.
Then it's Romney: $18.4/$5.7; Paul: $4.5/$1.6; Pawlenty: $4.3/$2.5: Bachmann: $3.4/$0.3
Cain: $2.6/$2.1: Gingrich: $2.1/$1.8: Santorum: $0.6/$0.4: Johnson: $0.2/$0.2

It shows a candidate pacing wisely, not having to spend all his ammunition to get name recognition.
Big business seems to like Romney and Obama more, both of whom have received in general much larger donations on average, thus their large war chests do not reflect more supporters.

This shows something about the amount of support, of course, but also about the way a candidate spends -
Paul's 2nd quarter spending is about 32.5% - compared to others of 100% or nearly that.

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