Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drum roll in Iowa

So the whole affair is looking a bit like a WWF event...and reporters are making their notes on it all.
They do tend to concentrate on the most way out contestants, rather than the well paced and sensible.
But the New York Times did mention Ron Paul again yesterday, if only to briefly note that he took exception to Michele Bachman's legislative record. What legislative record?
Michael Cooper of the NYT caught her out on a couple mistakes - sad, again, that press goes to candidates for making mistakes...such as the foot-in-mouth moment of Mitt Romney, who gave Ashley Parker a lengthy column in the paper to scourge him for his 'coporations are people' remark. No they are not; people pay taxes. Corporations do not. OK, I misspoke a bit; some corporations pay taxes.
So this is like the first couple of rounds here, with the novices coming out swinging and girating wildy while the older, more experienced fighters wear them down and bide their time to step in.

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