Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ron Paul crowds in Iowa

Wow! The New York Times has mentioned Ron Paul again...which is rare, as he does not do anything weird or strange that reporters love to mention. What they wrote was this:

Ron Paul, who has been drawing crowds that often rival or surpass many of his rivals, asked for his supporters to send a message to the party establishment, which has paid little attention to his candidacy. He has logged more days in Iowa than almost anyone else, an investment that he hopes will lend a sense of legitimacy to his campaign.

Sending a message to the GOP is part of my purposes with this blog - to tell them that Ron Paul has the broadest base of support while being a real conservative that most GOP voters will embrace.
Ron Paul also snagged the best space for his tent, paying $31,000 for the space adjoining the Scheman Building where the votes are cast. Sarah Palin paid nothing...but then she is not an official candidate. She just hangs about. Getting the press to pay attention to her hairdo and illegitimate grandchildren and anything else that has nothing to do with an ability to run the country.

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