Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missing: Real News

The press in New York must not like Ron Paul; oddly for this city, it is lavishing its print space on Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. Michael Barone in the Post  (owned by Rupert Murdoch) writes: 'Some candidates did mention intelligent policy initiatives in the debate.' But does he mention Paul? No. He praises Romney and Bachmann; who are not going to get many votes among New Yorkers. Then he goes on to talk about Thaddeus McCotter (excuse me, Thaddeus who?) for promoting debt-for-equity swaps.
Is McCotter on the House Banking Committee? Did he suggest the fed stop borrowing from the fed and by so doing reduce the debt in a single swoop? Where was Barone when Ron Paul put this forward? Or any of the rest of the press, for that matter?
The New York Times turns a lens on the press when it said in Sunday's paper the following: 'If politicians exhibited some silliness in Iowa, do did reporters. Like hounds to a whistle, they swarmed to Sarah  Palin when she dropped by the state fair on Friday, again rewarding her coyness about the presidential race with extra-rapt attention. She dithers; we drool.'
And you are fools. You mislead the public, whether by accident or by design. The front page of yesterday's NYT one might call an out-and-out lie; it has a line in large print reading: 'Top 3 Contenders Set Sights on Obama and One Another.'
Top 3? Ron Paul was #2 in the straw poll, and only a point behind Bachmann - see the post before this to see why; some would say Bachmann's votes were bogus. But granting her first place, how is the runner-up completely forgotten the next day by so large a news outfit as the NYT? Or are the reporters lost in their silliness, drooling over Ms. Hotlips from Alaska?
The other two contenders they talk about are Rick Perry - who was not even present at the straw poll, and Mitt Romney. And Romney did not come even near to 2nd place. So how is he a top contender?
As to Perry, I think we are in real danger; he was Bush's vice-governor. Not a good sign. He is rather against gun control, having signed measures to make it easier to carry a concealed weapon - he has a permit  for this himself.
But as the NYT reporters Jeff Zeleny and Michael Shear noted in yesterday's article, quoting Senator Charles E. Grassley - 'This is a very fluid situation right now. From here on, you are shooting with real bullets.'

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