Friday, August 19, 2011

Ron Paul on front page now of New York Times

So now Ron Paul gets mentioned, albeit only slightly, in an article on the front page of the New York Times yesterday by John M. Broder, whose theme is that all GOP candidates bash the EPA. Well, not quite in Ron Paul's case. But let's not let a good headline be spoiled by a detailed study of things...
It is almost true, given that Bachmann and Perry want to either padlock its doors or impose a moratorium on environmental regulation. So good news for idiots who want to pollute America.
Herman Cain disappoints me in that he is ready to have independent commissions which would include oil and gas execs. Why not let child abusers run the schools while you're at it.
Broder, not wishing to spoil his own headline, did not bother to mention that Ron Paul is supporting a hemp initiative...see it on Recently one of his contsituents sent him a letter and he replied, it is up there. Broder and his mates at the NYT can check it out. Or just write simplistic articles, which is much easier.
But I have to admit the GOP is the party that scares me when it comes to the environment; remember the joke, how much energy does it take to destroy all America's forests? Just one allusion to James Watt, Secretary of the Environment in the Reagan days...back then they figured that trees caused pollution. Watt went after trees and falconers with a vengeance, trying to get them framed  (the falconers, not the trees) for smuggling in one of the biggest legal farces in US history. He did not like their pro-environemntal stance. Ultimately he, and not a single falconer, went to prison.
So there are lots of falconers in redneck states who are not going to vote GOP that easily, even if they are hunters. If the GOP is going to overcome its image as treekillers, it better get in Ron Paul.
And then there was an article on the back page of the paper, which said a lot of good about Ron Paul without bothering to mention him, but rather by NOT mentioning him; this one by Frank Bruni. Personally, of all the NYT political hacks, I like Bruni the best; I will forgive his ommission in regards to Dr Paul as his article was on GOP loonies, titled "Heroes, Until They've Arrived." It started off with Mr Mouth, Rick Perry; then made its way to mention Sarah Palin (the quitter), Chris Christie (of very little political experience), Paul Ryan ( Paul who?), Rudy Giuliani (of whom he notes: Some Republicans never learn), Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich (as the blue-eyed Grinch who stole Grandma's Boniva) and Marco Rubio (Marco who?).
So there you have it; that leaves us with Ron Paul and Herman Cain, even if the latter does have some less than perfect ideas about the environment.

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