Monday, August 15, 2011

Ron Paul soars ahead in Iowa

So now Ron Paul is on the front page of the New York Times, where he belongs. Jeff Zeleny writes that he came in second to Bachmann, but only by a point - leaving others way behind. He also notes that Bachmann got her votes by investing heavily, paying the $30 fee for her voters, giving them free accommodation, free food and a free concert. He asks parenthetically if that is how we elect our presidents?  Rick Perry did not bother to show, but did announce his candidacy. Yeah, right. Like America wants a guy who holds stadium Taliban style religion shows...Or did he announce his candidacy for president of Texas - which is a possibility - the NYT mentioned that in his race for governor the issue of state secession came up.
One thing that ought to be clear when Perry takes credit for anything good in Texas is that he has been in office there much less time than Ron Paul, and it is Ron Paul's 14th district that is doing well - it is called the 'Golden Crescent.' Perry has little to show for his terms in office.
So expect to see more of Ron Paul on the front page of all the papers...and not for holding immense prayer meetings, gay bashing or being MIA at the his rivals.

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