Monday, August 22, 2011

Sex, Lies and Rick Perry

A full page ad in the Austin Chronicle asks people to step forward if they had sex with Rick Perry. This may or may not be in good taste; the advertiser insinuates Perry is bi and has relations with women in strip joints. This was all placed by Robert Morrow, a Ron Paul supporter, but it seems he is acting on his own and I doubt Paul knows about it. So we shall see...We may never is not that important, though it would show he is another lying hypocrite.
But we do know about his campaign contributors getting lots and lots and lots and lots of cashpayers' hard-earned dosh after they gave Mr Perry some money. The New York Times was quite explicit about it all in yesterday's paper, with an account of a Mr. McHale getting $3million from the coffers for his company, G-Con. And who are they trying to con? Before this generous endowment, McHale gave the Perry party $50,000. Two Texas agencies, the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, dole out $635million to people who seem to like Perry a lot, such as David Shanahan, whose company, Gradalis, received a $1.75 million tech grant after Shanahan gave Perry a grant of $10,000 in 2009. Shanahan is also connected to G-Con. And it this did not start to sound like a con game, then consider the fact that a payment made by TXU was dated the same day as the governor's order to fast track their application. Then there is Bob Perry who made  Perry to Perry donations of more than $2million. A new commission headed by Perry gave the other Perry a break - it created a board that sharply limited the rights of homeowners to sue contractors for faulty construction. Bob Perry owns a construction business which benefitted from the curtailment of homeowners' rights. And just after this piece of legilation, he and his wife each sent in $50,000 to Rick Perry. Very Perry. Very suspicious.
And so yet again a lengthy article in the press...which omits any mention of Ron Paul.
And we may yet hear more of Perry, Rick Perry that is, if Mr. Morrow's ad bears any fruit.

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  1. Then there's the issue of threatening government officials....