Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mitt Romney plans to demolish the White House

Just saw this on Mark of the Mask bloodspot...
very funny. Hope it's not true...

Mitt Romney has already decided that when he is elected president, he will have to demolish the White House as it is too small for him and his many kids and grandkids.
Last week he decided to demolish his $12million, 3,009 sq ft mansion in La Jolla and build a palace instead, which will be 11,602 sq ft.
He found his old homestead in Belmont, Mass too small, so he sold it for $3.5 million and also got rid of a chalet in Utah for $5.3.
He is keeping his $10 million waterfront house in New Hampshire. Live rich or die...
And oh, President is too small a title, the GOP wants Americans to call him Your Royal Highness.

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