Friday, August 26, 2011

Sarah Wheaton in the New York Times

On the 23rd, Sarah Wheaton of the NYT had a space devoted to GOP reaction to Libya; Michele Bachmann comes off as a dove, but one wonders if her protest is just to be contrary? I mean if W had nuked Libya, would she not be giving thanks and praise? One wonders...and one wonders why Wheaton omitted any word about Ron Paul. Are mentally challenged journalists shaking in their boots that there may come to power a president who does not do stupid things that they can go write about easily?
Just for the record, the complaints Romney and Bachmann make do not deserve the space - what is of note is the fact that Ron Paul wanted to limit the president's power to make war like this and he is right.
Whether or not Libya turns out OK, this is a democracy and the president's power needs to be limited in this regard as it was with Washington. Both parties have failed the American people in allowing this to happen. It could set a dangerous precedent - and just now it is too early to say if things are going well in Libya - but that is not the point; we hope the rebels establish a working government and there is lots of peace and love, which may not actually be the case - but whatever happens, it needs to happen lawfully.

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